Psychotherapy – English

Becoming alive again in the unity of body and soul

…that’s how I would describe the goal of my work. My approach to psychotherapy provides a combination of different techniques from body-oriented psychotherapy and talk therapy for your personal growth.

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy Talk TherapyMindfulnessBrief TherapySupport with Serious Diseases and PsychooncologySpirituality and Meaning

I am offering therapy in English – you are welcome to make an appointment for a first meeting free of charge and we will find out if you feel in good hands with me.

Book a meeting here or contact me by phone, email or on Facebook.

However, you must know that German public health insurance does not cover the costs and subsequent meetings are available at 60-80 EUR per hour, depending on your financial situation.

Your dog is welcome in my rooms as long as he or she is house-trained and not aggressive. My Beagle-Viszla mix Bugi (neutered male) will also be around.

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Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

The knowledge about emotions and moods not only happening in our brain but also in our body is the common basis of body-oriented psychotherapy approaches....

Talk Therapy

Looking at the past can help you understand things in your life. Focusing on the present can help you cope with your current state and prepare for the future....

Brief Therapy

Brief therapy techniques strengthen the client’s autonomy and focus on solutions rather than getting lost in conflicts or problems....


These techniques originate from ancient meditation practices like vipassana....

Support With Serious Diseases and Psychooncology

Eventually caring for yourself again and concentrating on the essential things in your life can greatly improve resilience....

Spirituality and Meaning

In my understanding, psychotherapy is not bound to any religion, ideology or spiritual school....